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Joe Haslett innovplants at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 3 20:21:37 GMT 2006


I have a 1980 SD1 that needs a good home. It would be a good restoration project or very good parts car.  Any suggestions where to advertise would be greatly appreciated.  The car is in Southern California.

Thank you,

Joe Haslett

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>Hi Roland,
>We have always come back "heavy" from our trips to the UK and NZ...even 
>post-911.  Our last trip to NZ in the fall of 2004 netted the Harcourt 
>intake, a P76 intake (which fits the Buick 340 quite closely) a pair of 
>SU's for the "75", a pair of NOS taillamp assemblies for the P6B, early 
>P4 tailamps, and numerous parts books.  The previous trip included a 
>GM180 bellhousing for an SE2.  Transportation Security doesn't even 
>blink. I just wish we had found the doorskin for the coupe before we 
>flew home, shipping it cost the Edward Winchester a small fortune.  I 
>still owe him.  God bless all Kiwis.
>Kent K.
>roland wrote:
>> The last time I went to the UK, I stopped by Motorpart
>> of London in Norwood Junction. I took my youngest
>> daughter with me and when we asked the platform
>> officer which BR train to catch, he asked me why I
>> would want to go to Norwood Junction. Hmmmm. Once
>> there, I bought a steering wheel and tail lenses. My
>> all red ones were faded badly, but it seemed the all
>> red export ones were nearly twice that of the euro
>> orange (turn lenses) ones, so I got them. I think it
>> gives the car a nicer euro flair now. He did mention
>> that it was getting dark and that I should hurry back
>> to London, seems the area is not very friendly in the
>> evening. Taking his advice, we left and boarded the
>> train. Imagine the funny looks I got from other riders
>> seeing my steering wheel in hand!
>> Upon my trip back to the states, it appeared our
>> luggage boarded a different plane than the one we
>> took. Discovering their mistake, they asked me for
>> three things to descibe what is in my luggage to
>> identify it's mine. Well, the steering wheel was
>> enough. :-). Yep, we got our luggage back the day
>> after we got home.
>> roland
>> DL650
>> VX800 #21
>> P5
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