[ROVERNET - UK] Rover SD1 gearbox

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Sun Jan 8 03:50:18 GMT 2006

Damien; I have a a US 3500S that the previous owner did that swap. The 
shifter comes out in the same place. I believe the P6B uses a different 
brake master cylinder than the 3500S. The 3500s uses the same brake master 
as an XKE, mounted on a pedestel. There was no room for that, so he used the 
2000TC complete pedal box assembly, with the 2000 clutch and brake masters. 
The stock  exhaust was used. This actually runs close to the starter and the 
clutch slave. I think there should be a heat shield I am missing on the 
starter, and clutch slave cylinders  have failed twice. I took it off the 
road, the last time it failed, planned to paint it, and it it is still on 
the back burner.I think if you ran dual exhausts  it would give better 
clearance for the clutch slave. One interesting note. The previous owner 
also fitted 2000 doors and bonnet. The lack of door beams and electric 
motors probably lightens the car 100 pounds or more; and would be the same 
specs as yours. I don't know how the differential ratio varies, but mine was 
the fastest Rover I have ever driven. It has  a rebuilt Range  Rover 3.5 
engine, but it is stock It does have a Holley 4 barrel, but I think it is 
the transmission ratios that  make it so fast.By the way, I would consider 
selling either this or my 2000TC. James Dean, Ft Lauderdale 
jaguru at bellsouth.net  Phone 1954JAGUARS.
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> Can anyone tell me what is involved in changing a P6B 3500S four speed box
> to a SD1 5 speed?
> Is there many modifications to make or is it basically a direct swap
> Thanks
> Damien
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