[ROVERNET - UK] Clutch Hydraulics - 2000

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Thanks for the offer. I'm going to try readjusting and bleeding the system 
today. If there it's still happening after, I'll give you a yell.

Many thanks,
Steven D
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> `One suggestion before you begin any adjustment, would be to jack up the 
> front of the car, open the driver's door wide, get knee pads if you can't 
> get down on your knees without, head down and under the open door.....It 
> could act as a guillotine if you don't support the front end properly!), 
> and push down on the clutch pedal while watching the throw-out arm  at the 
> slave cylinder.  If there is any "creep" while holding down the pedal, the 
> master could be at fault.
> If little motion is observed at all, fluid is passing by the pistons in 
> either or both
> cylinders.  In addition, the adjustments you mention must be made. 
> Cheers, Ian
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