[ROVERNET - UK] P5 jockey pulley (was interesting pair)

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Thu Jan 12 23:13:34 GMT 2006

Yes, Paul.  I love cats, too.  It's just an expression.

Remember the power in words.

  I have two ways 
to go to drive the dynamo.  The 100's and very early P5's did not use 
the jockey pulley. Beginning sometime in '60 (I think) the jockey pulley 
was added as part of the power steering setup and standardized for both 
power steering and non-power steering engines.  The inner belt drove the 
  dynamo and the power steering pump which was mounted to the back of 
the dynamo while the outside belt drove the water pump and was tensioned 
by the jockey pulley.  The engine is a 3 liter Mk. I, but is fitted to 
my P4 100.  My desire is to eventually fit A/C which I salvaged from a 
'59 Land Rover SI, but to get the car back on the road I can either use 
the jockey pulley setup which will make it easier to fit the A/C or I 
can use the 100 dynamo pulley and adjuster (which I don't have because 
the engine that came out of the 100 was actually from a 105R.)  Before 
you tell me that the 105R engine won't bolt to the standard trans (which 
is true), I'll say that the engine was rebuilt and the crank modified by 
the previous owner who managed to let his 6 yr. old grandson fill the 
crankcase with petrol by leaving the ignition switch on.  The result was 
spun big ends.  It's a long story.  If you don't have the pulley, send 
me a cat.  Mine died at age 17 last spring.  The 3 litre wouldn't bolt 
to the trans that was in the car either, but you're probably bored by 
now so I'll stop.

My current stock of P4 bits is 0.  My P5 experience is 0, although I'd look
at a Mk2 4sp with OD (can you believe Gianni sold his...).
Cosmic is now 9, going strong.  No spares currently.  
My first cat lived to 17.  No dog could stand up to him.  He caught and ate
3 possums I know of.


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