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Drew Egginton drew at pitstop.net.au
Thu Jan 19 08:49:58 GMT 2006

Wow 35 years! We've got a 1970 3500 (pre-facelift) which has been in the 
family since 1973 and has done about 190,000 miles. While we haven't had 
any problem with the final drive we've had to replace half-shafts a 
couple of times (no doubt due to my youthful right foot!). The AED was 
something that never seemed to work very well, there's only one guy I 
know here who still has it on his P5B, to keep it original I think! I 
don't mind the scoops either, it makes the car look more aggressive, 
same for the necessary larger intake under the bumper.

I guess everyone remembers the joke about needing to own two Jags... but 
was it in last years JD Power survey they came out really well?

Andrew Egginton
Perth, WA

sspmilr at netzero.net wrote:

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>Hi Roverists:
>The three main reasons that the Rover 3500S (NADA) model failed in the
>US was the AED, final drive units, and the Jaguar XJ6 which was in
>direct competion.  In the 35 years that we've owned our 3500S (NADA)
>Rover we've received only favorable comments concerning the hood
>scoops.  It's interesting that Jaguar has continued to be a sought
>after car because of it's looks, and not it's build quality.  Rover
>was styled down so as not to be flashy.
>Peter Miller
>Arlington, Wa.
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