[ROVERNET - UK] Wilson 3500S

Franc Buxton fab at dcs.warwick.ac.uk
Thu Jan 19 16:51:26 GMT 2006

Partviking wrote:
> As a fellow 'lurker' hello Kent,Glen and everybody.
	Ok, if it's 'coming out' day, I'll join in!

	Hello Kent, Alan, everybody else! I too am still a Rover
owner - one Range Rover Classic (1990) and one Rover 214 (1990,
a seriously underrated car IMHO). OK, so neither is standard,
the RR has a 300BHP 4.5 V8 and the 214 has a 130BHP 1.8,
but hey, those who know me could guess that... ;>)

	Back to lurking until I have something to contribute.
Best wishes to all for an enjoyable and productive New Year!



Franc Buxton
Deputy Safety Officer, Networking Technician, general dogsbody
Dept of Computer Science, University of Warwick.

Die dulci fruimini

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