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We are only 20-30 minutes from the Portland airport, so can assist. Too bad 
that you are not a few days earlier. Our Club T-MG is hosting the West Coast 
G.O.F. July 3-7. I know you are not into MG's, but you would probably have 
enjoyed this outing. Lots of old (pre 1955) T-cars. We have a 1954 MGTF. I 
will be running the tech sessions at the event.

Let me know your schedule on both ends and we will accommodate you and 
assist as we can. Looking forward to seeing you.

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> Hi Slats, Geff, Malcolm, Eric, et al,
> Sheila and I have bought tickets.  We arrive in Portland, OR, July 11, at 
> 10:00 A.M. and depart Portland at 7:07 A.M. (ugh) on July 26.  In between 
> we plan to attend the All British Field Meet in Bellvue, WA, on July 22, 
> (actually, we have been invited for coctails Friday evening) on the way 
> back from Vancouver.  Please let us know if you are en route and would 
> like a visit.  I'll place my order with Ruth later, but warn her that I am 
> bringing one very large empty suitcase!
> How far off the beaten path is Ian Potts?
> Roverly,
> Kent & Sheila Kinard
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