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That's a great story.  It seems whenever I've heard someone's tale of
their car being used for a film, or a photo shoot, or some such thing, it
involves the car being damaged in some way.  I think I'd be reluctant to
hire out a car I'd put a lot of effort into restoring!  To the cast and
crew, it's just another prop, not someone's pride and joy.

Geoff Kirkpatrick

PS:  Spoiler alert - don't read this if you haven't seen Lock Stock etc!!!
Someone said something about the rifles being dumped in the Thames at the
end of the film.  Actually, the film cut away to the credits just as the
other guys were racing to the scene to try to stop their buddy from doing
the deed, as they had just learned they were rare antiques worth a
fortune.  So it was left to our imagination: did they get to him in time? 
A lot like the literal cliffhanger ending of the original "Italian Job."


       (2) I guess I started a popular thread with my movie comment. Now 
another, A few years ago I think 1999- how time flies- when my 69 2000TC
freshly restored,One Tuesday  I started getting calls that someone needed
Rover 2000 for a commercial in Miami . (I am in Ft Lauderdale) I am used
such calls, usually for Jaguars, as a lot of Movies and ads are shot in 
South Florida.By Thursday the Principal, not the agents called me,
almost desparate. He insisted, in his French accent, he had to come up
away, and arrived about 8 PM. He needed  a Rover, quite ordinary looking, 
preferably brown, for a commercial being shot in Miami on Saturday, as
as a bent up front bumper, to fake an accident.( for a big European auto 
insurance company) I showed them the relics in the back yard; they would 
make good accident candidates- No, it had to run. I showed him my Brigade 
red 2000TC with Magstar wheels, Original option Carello rally
icealert up front, and a set of amber sidelamps below the bumper. ( A
comment; after I restored it, every  one said it was lovely but dull ; I 
hung stuff all over the front, and everyone  thinks its' an exciting
car- a trick British carmakers have done since the thirties). The car had 
returned from the CouerD'Alene, Idaho national Landrover dealer's
and was perfect but dusty. I went for a hose. No! Don't wash it he 
exclaimed!  I'll take it as is. He needed it in Miami Friday night, and 
agreed to pay XK120 prices, left a cash deposit, and assured me  full 
payment on arrival.. Reminded me again, don't wash it. I delivered the car

to Miami Friday evening, and saw the usual entourage of 2 mobile office 
trailers, about 20 people running around , and great relief the Rover had 
arrived. I gave them instructions, showed them how to remove the bumper
install the bent one I supplied, without scratching the lacquer. I was
to drive down to check progress Saturday, whenthey gave me a frantic call;

the car wouldn't move, and they had to push it by hand to move it around.
now I had concluded this French Film company had no efficient Germans or 
Americans  involved, and their best layed plans had gone awry. It appears 
they had flown at least 20 people from France, had a big budget,and a
plan, but no one  realized there were few Rovers running around America. I

think they arrived , planning to flag one down on the street or 
something.They had my Rover half up on the sidewalk,French street signs on

the pole, and had removed my US chrome license holder, and fitted a French

license plate.they had covered my Magstars with Cevy Monza hubcaps, from 
Hubcap Heaven, and had sprayed anti-gloss compound on the fenders. They
the bent bumper installed, and 2 big scratches. I had their insurance
in my pocket, and asked if they wanted me to filea claim. no, they'd 
pay.They had brought along a demolition specialist, to set off a smoke 
bomb,for the fake accident. Unfortunately, he was a little over 
enthusiastic,and melted my red plastic clutch hose. I helped them movethe 
car, by starting it n gear, and explained how much this would cost them. 
This all ran into another day, and that was expensive. In the end, they
a good commercial, I was adequately paid to repair my damage, and Some 
French Insurance company, probably had to revise their budget to pay for 
this Fiasco.Did anyone in Europe ever see this ad? I have never seen it. 
James Dean

"This is the final test of a gentleman: his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him."
- William Lyon Phelps

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