[ROVERNET - UK] P-5 Coupe

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 22 22:04:26 GMT 2006

Kent, your right, it's a Chevy. Could be anything
then, a 2.8L (gutless wonder), 3.1L (replacement for
the 2.8L), 3.8L Chevy or it may even be the 4.3L. I
think they also have a 3.4L, but that may only be for
front wheel drive. I maybe foggy on this though, been
awhile since I had a Chevy. Couldn't be a Buick 3.8L
GN engine with turbo, I think they had the distributor
in the front only. I think the "turbo" part is
referring to the transmission. 

VX800 #21

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