[ROVERNET - UK] V8 Thermal switch

Gavin.Walker at csiro.au Gavin.Walker at csiro.au
Mon Jan 23 04:28:02 GMT 2006

Hi Steve,
  That sensor is found on stromberged SD1s and is a bi-metal temperature
sensor.  If I remember correctly it was used to engage the a/c fan to
prevent overheating.  On SU equipped SD1s it may have been used as a
choke light switch.  The little bolts holding it in corrode and then
snap off when you try and remove them.  If you do manage to get it out
the sensor can be removed from its copper bowl and "adjusted" to any
temperature you want (by delicately bending the strip and testing what
temperature it responds to).

Gavin Walker
Canberra, Australia

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