[ROVERNET - UK] ebay sale

Ted Holman ted_holman at vintagesuzuki.com
Sat Jul 1 07:58:32 BST 2006

There is a 2000TC being offered on eBay, sale 270001272602 . Looking at 
their feedback and the e-mails that we have exchanged should cause possible 
bidders to pause before getting involved. I have asked three times the 
condition of the brakes and they have yet to answer the obvious, that there 
are none. Also, down in the bottom of the description they announce that 
there is a $100 document fee on top of the sale price.  That to me is a real 
poke in eye. I have never seen another dealer on eBay demand this charge. 
Normally, handling fees are up front in the first part of the description so 
there are no misunderstandings. This charge is set by the seller, sort of 
like their own form of bonus tax. In my opinion, it is not clearly stated 
besides being excessive.

Ted Holman

Grants Pass, OR

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