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This car has been listed on eBay at least five or six times in the last year. several times it was started at $600 with no bids. Last month after having no interest at $600, the dealer raised it to $750 and surprise...he had no bidders.  The car was on eBay last week starting at $400. 
When the car was originally offered, I seem to remember that there was a notation that the brakes were bad. I live in California, so I considered this one a few times last year when I was Roverless. 
As far as the fee goes, I have seen several dealers ask for this on eBay, usually buried deep in their fine print.
I did talk to someone who bought a car from this dealer a few years back from Hemmings, and he was pleased with the transaction. 

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>There is a 2000TC being offered on eBay, sale 270001272602 . Looking at 
>their feedback and the e-mails that we have exchanged should cause possible 
>bidders to pause before getting involved. I have asked three times the 
>condition of the brakes and they have yet to answer the obvious, that there 
>are none. Also, down in the bottom of the description they announce that 
>there is a $100 document fee on top of the sale price.  That to me is a real 
>poke in eye. I have never seen another dealer on eBay demand this charge. 
>Normally, handling fees are up front in the first part of the description so 
>there are no misunderstandings. This charge is set by the seller, sort of 
>like their own form of bonus tax. In my opinion, it is not clearly stated 
>besides being excessive.
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