[ROVERNET - UK] ebay sale

Glen Wilson glenwilson at cavtel.net
Sat Jul 1 15:57:43 BST 2006


Your assessment of the condition of this car is probably correct, but I 
continue to be amazed that some of these P6's can be in remarkably good shape 
even after spending an entire lifespan in a salty, damp, rust-prone area. I 
can't explain how this happens, but I'm beginning to think that we are 
reaching a sort of plateau where the really rusted out ones have been crushed 
and the survivors are the end product of some sort of Darwinian "survival of 
the fittest" scenario.

Maybe Ted needs to have a local Rovernetter take a look at this car, just to 
be sure. Washington state is full of lonely RoverNutters with time on their 
hands. I know of at least one myself.



~ Glen Wilson ~
Adding new stock daily...

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