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Glen, I have been an Oregon Licensed Dealer for twenty-five years. The only 
form that is required by law is a secured odometer form if the vehicle being 
sold is less then ten years old, a bill of sale and an "As Is" disclaimer 
that must be posted on the vehicle. The dealer is not required to transfer 
title if the buyer demands it. The total cost of these forms is less then a 
dollar. As a dealer, you may charge a fee for processing documents which is 
what he is doing, even if it takes him five minutes to do so. I have sold 
over thirty bikes and cars on eBay in the past seven years, purchased 
another ten and have never charged or been charged this fee. This guys 
feedback reflects other's unhappiness with his business practices. If it had 
been announced clearly and not buried, there would be nothing to complain 

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> On Saturday 01 July 2006 08:42, Ali Al-Abbasi wrote:
>> Dealers charge this, they may not say it but they will charge it.  I 
>> guess
>> he disclosed it because he realized that whoever buys will probably buy 
>> it
>> for a price low enough to make it hard for him to sneak it in.
> If you watch a lot of eBay auto auctions, you will see that almost every
> DEALER selling on eBay will charge a similar fee. They may be just trying 
> to
> sneak in a few extra bucks, but I suspect that they are required by law to
> complete a certain set of papers and submit documents to the state to
> formally transfer ownership. If you buy from a private seller, you 
> sometimes
> find that a car has changed hands three times without being re-registered
> with the state.
> I think you can filter the eBay search process to so that it only shows 
> sales
> from private parties and excludes dealers.
> Glen
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