[ROVERNET - UK] V8 Timing Chain Question

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Sun Jul 2 01:36:03 BST 2006

You are correct, Glen.  It will also fit early Buick/Jeep 
V6 Odd fire engines.

Kent K.

On Sat, 1 Jul 2006 19:40:43 -0400
  Glen Wilson <glenwilson at cavtel.net> wrote:
> Hi, 
> I received a question about a timing chain set I'm 
>selling on eBay ( 
> http://stores.ebay.com/EasyAuctionServicesPA ). I stated 
>that the chain and 
> gears are a direct replacement for the older Rover 
>parts, but that the 
> manufacturer was unknown. The part came to me with an 
>SD1 that I bought years 
> ago. I assumed that it would fit the 1970 3500S, 1980 
>SD1, 1980 TR8 and 61-61 
> Buick engine. Beyond that, it's buyer beware and check 
>your own applications.
> Could Rovernetters confirm my application assumptions? I 
>am going to re-word 
> the ad and would like to be sure what I say is accurate. 
>Browse below...
> Glen
> Question from potential buyer:
> Item: Timing Chain Set Buick 215 Rover V8 (3500S, SD1, 
>TR8) (160003525210)
> This message was sent while the listing was active.
> licon44 is a potential buyer.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> I checked out the part numbers in your ad and discovered 
>that the 3 pieces 
> were originally sold for the 61 Buick Special 215V8. 
>They are not original 
> Rover parts. That means they may/may not be suitable for 
>the Rover, 
> especially the later models. You may end up with an 
>unhappy customer if they 
> turn out not appropriate for the later Rovers. 
> http://cgi.ebay.com/Timing-Chain-Set-Buick-215-Rover-V8-3500S-SD1-TR8_W0QQitemZ160003525210QQihZ006QQcategoryZ34202QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem
>Full text of add follows: 
> This auction is for a Timing Chain & Sprocket Set for 
>the Rover V8 engine.
> It will definitely fit the 1970 Rover 3500S, 1980 Rover 
>SD1, and Triumph TR8 
> engines.  Perhaps you can cross-reference the part to 
>your application from 
> there.
> A number of other cars used the Rover V8 including the 
>Morgan Plus 8 and Land 
> Rover Range Rover.
> It should also fit the Buick / Olds / Pontiac 215 cubic 
>inch aluminum engine 
> from the years around 1961-63. (It may also work with 
>later GM V6 engines, 
> but I am much less certain of this.) 
> Please examine the pictures closely.
> To the best of my knowledge, this is a direct 
>replacement for the stock timing 
> set on the Rover V8 engine. It may be superior to stock 
>because it is an 
> all-steel casting whereas some of the stock sprockets 
>had a fiber wheel.  I 
> think  this would be described as a duplex chain.
> This item is brand new and in excellent condition. It 
>was purchased some years 
> ago from Rovers West who are Rover specialists out in 
> This item is NOS (new old stock).
> Manufacturer: unknown
> Part #: bag marked RWE 359, large wheel stamped S334, 
> small stamped S323
> Description: Timing Chain & Sprocket Set
> Applications: Rover 3500S, Rover 3500 SD1, Triumph TR8, 
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