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The new carbs would idle at about 850 to 900 with 100
octane gas. 

(I'm remembering Bob Newhart's "Defusing a Bomb"
comedy line here.....
 ['This plate should be removed with an LT5
screwdriver with a plastic handle and a de-magnetised
tip'... Oh, you don't have one, huh?...
Augh!... use a coin then, Willard! ]

You don't have new carbs or 100 octane gas.  Raise the
idle target to 1000 rpm but be careful when shifting
into reverse.

A good friend showed be how to use a piece of rubber
pipe (old rad hose?) to listen to the hiss of air at
each carb.  A higher "hiss" noise meant greater vacuum
so we'd adjust the idle screw up or down depending on
which carb we were trying to match.


--- Larry <lewill at ctcweb.net> wrote:

> I am trying to tune the carbs on a TC without the
> balancer that is talked 
> about  in the manual. With 92 octane gas and at what
> idle RPM's would one 
> set the timing? Any and all suggestions would be
> helpful. Thanks in advance. 
> Larry 
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