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Take a short piece  (about 24 inches) of 1/4" hose, such as vacuum line or 
fuel line. Put one end in your ear (either one) place the other end in the 
opening of the carb about 1/4". Use your thumb nail as a gauge. You will be 
able to hear the air flow and compare them. You can get very close this way. 
This is what we did back in the late 50's before we had unisyns. Note: You 
disconnect the connecting linkage between the carbs before balancing them. 
Then reconnect the linkage and set the idle speed. You could also use a 
stethoscope if you have one. Unisyns are not terribly expensive, about $20.

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>I am trying to tune the carbs on a TC without the balancer that is talked 
>about  in the manual. With 92 octane gas and at what idle RPM's would one 
>set the timing? Any and all suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in 
>advance. Larry
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