[ROVERNET - UK] eBay Stores with Rover bits...

Glen Wilson glenwilson at cavtel.net
Mon Jul 3 02:02:08 BST 2006

I've now set up an eBay store, and I have a few Rover parts to move through 
there, but I am small potatoes and will run out of Rover bits to sell in a 
month or two.

What about some of you people who sell there regularly? I know James Dean has 
an eBay store, and I thought Pierre sold Rover parts on eBay. I'm not aware 
that Dermot has a web presence. If anyone out there has a place online where 
they regularly sell Rover bits, you might want to let us know so that we can 
include a link on the new RSTCA Part Supplier web page that we're finishing 
up. You can just send the info to the list or send it to me off-list at 
glenwilson at cavtel.net

~ Glen Wilson ~

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