[ROVERNET - UK] ebay sale

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Tue Jul 4 15:06:45 BST 2006

David Walker wrote:

>What colour interior do you want?
>>What I wouldn't give for a rusty parts car with a good
Hi David,

Actually, it would depend on the car.  P4-brown, green, or grey; P5 (Mk. 
III or V8)-tan or buckskin; P6 Series 2, almost anything;  SD1 Series 1, 
almost anything.  I saw a NZ SD1 Series 1 interior in one of Miles' 
parts cars.  It is much nicer than any of the UK interiors up until the 
'81 VDP.  Unfortunately the freight from NZ is a killer, but it may be 
cheaper than having interiors done locally.  A chap in San Antonio did a 
rather nice job on my P5B but the seats alone were US$1200 in vynil.
What have you got?

Kent K.

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