[ROVERNET - UK] Carpet installation.

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If using spray glue, use 3M 8090, Heavy duty trim adhesive, not 8080, which 
is light duty.Use good ventilation.Keep shaking the can occasionally Save 
the nozzle of the first spray can, and throw it in a can of lacquer thinner; 
they can clog. spray it on both surfaces. I don't know if you got a jute set 
with the carpets, but for 10 years, I have used half inch lead foam in all 
my restorations. It is thicker than jute, so you must cut and fit; and tape 
the seams. but it absolutely stops sound; creates an uncannily quiet car. It 
has lead encapsulated, between layers of closed cell foam, and  silver mylar 
on one side. It works equally well on heat. I sell it, Contact me offline, 
or see it on the Austin Healey section of my eBay store, Old English Motor 
Company.It is $60 for  one sheet,12 square feet. You would need 3-4 sheets; 
an Austin Healey takes 3 sheets, including the back. It is designed for 
large motor yachts, where the owner doesn't want to hear the diesel drumming 
away two  feet from his head, through the bulkhead , as he sleeps.James 
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>I have a carpet set for my 67 Rover 2000 TC (NADA) from Wadhams. I was 
>wondering how easy they are to install. I paid for the upholsterer to 
>install the new carpet in my other Rover, but I was thinking that it  might 
>be worth while to fit the carpet myself. Any thoughts or comments from 
>people who have fitted carpets would be great.
> James Radcliffe.
> 67 Rover 2000 TC.
> 69 Rover 2000 automatic.
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