[ROVERNET - UK] 3500s shocks in N.A., Power steering O-ring seals

peter king peter at king-co.com
Thu Jul 6 19:28:12 BST 2006

Following up on an earlier post re: Koni front shocks for 3500s  
available at Custom Spares in Brewster, N.Y., I discovered the upper  
bushings, which I thought needed to be pressed out,  were very easily  
removed by drilling out the rubber then pressing out the metal  
sleeve. Took only a few minutes to do both shocks.  Also, if anyone  
is looking for replacement O-ring top seals for a leaky power  
steering box, I've found a local supplier with the correct size in  
stock. I'd be happy to pick some up and send them along to the needy.


peter king + company
21 drydock avenue
floor 7
boston, ma 02210

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