[ROVERNET - UK] A Little OT eBay Help, Please...

Glen Wilson glenwilson at cavtel.net
Sat Jul 8 19:54:47 BST 2006


Item 160006075496



I need to have some people in foreign countries look at an eBay listing of 
mine and tell me what they see from their locations. I thought the Shipping 
Calculator feature was pretty cool, but some buyers are not getting the hang 
of it. It also doesn't list some of the cheaper shipping alternatives.

I tried listing an item with several flat-rate options that apply to various 
regions of the world. From the USA, it shows shipping as being only $3.50 USD 
which is all right. What I am wondering is whether it shows that same price 
in the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia. If some of you could take a look and 
tell me what shipping price is displayed at the top by default and let me 
know what country you are in, I would greatly appreciate the help. I'm just 
wondering if the guy in Japan is going to look at this listing and think 
shipping to Tokyo is going to cost $3.50 USD or whether eBay will display a 
more appropriate number up there. The flat-rate options that I set up are 
shown at the bottom of the listing.

One of the cameras I had for sale on consignment for a client was listed for 
sale in the USA only. I immediately got inquiries from all over the Pacific 
Rim and sold it to a guy in Tokyo, but it was a complicated arrangement 
because of the way some of eBays procedures are set up.

I've opened this auction to the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and Japan. 
The only other option is to throw the thing open to the entire world. I am 
assuming that people in New Zealand will be blocked from bidding unless I go 
worldwide, but I don't necessarily want to be obligated to ship by boat to 
Surinam or Gambia (not all postal services are offered everywhere).  If 
you're from NZ, go to the auction listing and see if it appears to be 
allowing you to begin the bidding or offer-making process or if eBay blocks 

Thanks for any input you can provide.


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