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Mon Jul 10 15:49:32 BST 2006

On Monday 10 July 2006 08:12, Peter Mitchell wrote:

> Incidentally, and please forgive my ignorance on the acronym 'NADA'. I am
> pretty sure that it relates to the modifications required to be made on the
> US P6, but I do not know what it means.... I'd guess at North American
> Design .....???

> Peter Mitchell
> Perth Western Australia

Oh, boy! My chance to answer this old chestnut!

To Rover, NADA stood for North American Dollar Area, and that meant the USA 
and Canada, at the time. It did not necessarily refer to US safety and 
emissions laws, but the US and Canadian cars were usually identical for 
purposes of practicality. NADA is usually associated with cars that were made 
prior to the US Clean Air Act of 1968 that set more stringent emissions 

The P6B model that was unique to the NADA market is usually referred to as the 
Federal 3500S to distinguish it from the home-market 3500S with manual trans 
which came later.

There's another group called the National Automobile Dealers Association or 
NADA in the United States. It is well known for its automobile pricing guides 
for newer cars. The Rover nomenclature NADA does not refer to this group.

Yours is apparently a KIWI P6B.

Glen Wilson 
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