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Congrats, Steve!  I also have a '51 Cyclops which I bought from another
Rovernetter, Alan Gale in Oz and brought to California last year.  Don't
know original import figures to US (someone else may) but it's no doubt a
tiny number.  It's a fairly scarce car even in the traditional Rover
markets, and I doubt the number of survivors of the original North
American cars would take more than fingers and toes to count.  Dollar
value of old Rovers in the US is not a lot, but a P4 Cyclops is probably
higher than most.  If your car is basically sound and needs only
straightforward cosmetics, it's probably worth investing your time and
money in, but don't expect to make a big profit on it.

My car is RHD and yours I'm assuming is LHD, so I don't know if the shift
pattern is exactly the same.  I would assume it's an H pattern with 1 in
toward the driver and up.  Freewheels of the type this car used were in
vogue pre-war but were outlawed in the US in the fifties for safety
reasons.  I haven't studied the exact workings but it's essentially a
one-way clutch.  As others noted, it's operated by the knurled knob at the
lower left of the dash.  It is a useful fuel-saving accessory, but the
first time you leave it disengaged when driving downhill you'll understand
why it was legislated out of existence.  

Parts are readily available from sources in the UK.  I've mostly dealt
with J.R. Wadhams.  There are good suppliers in Australia and New Zealand
as well.  Kip Motors in Texas is another source.  They tend to be quite
pricey but for heavier items the lower shipping costs can make them

Most of the suppliers can be found in the British classic car magazine
Practical Classics.  Well worth subscribing to.

Welcome to Rovernet.  It's a wonderful resource.

Best regards,

Geoff Kirkpatrick

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    Hello my name is Steve and I just purchased a 1951 Rover 75 Cyclops. 
I am looking for 
information on this vehicle, such as the shift pattern, availability of
parts, how many were imported 
into the US, what is the estimated value in US dollars.  I would like to
know in the interst of 
restoration.  The car is 98% complete but needs painted and the interior
re-done.  I am missing hood 
chrome and window chrome.  I would also like to know how the free wheel
works?  I am located in 
cental Pennsylvania.

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