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Freewheel was fitted to Rovers from 1932 or thereabouts and is an epicyclic 
gearbox fitted behind the main grearbox which enables clutchless 
The Freewheel control is a wheel on the dash, with 2 positions, 'Fixed' and 
'Free'.    In the fixed position,  wheel turned anti clockwise 
[counterclockwise] the  freewheel is locked and drive is transmitted 
directly to the rear wheels and the clutch operates as normal.

Turning the wheel clockwise unlocks the freewheel.   To quote the 1947 hand 
book, " Proceed as follows to change up.:-
1. Take your foot off the accellerator pedal.
2. Pause sufficientlyt long for the  engine revs to die down
3. Move the gearlever gently but firmly into the next gear
4. Continue with accelleration

To change down
Lift your foot off the accellerator pedal and at the same time move the gear 
lever from the top to 3rd position and continue with accelleration.  The 
movement need not be hurried but it is impossible to do it too quickly and 
there must be no pause in neutral."

Never turn the  Freewheel control in either direction unless the car is 
stationary or the car is moving and the engine is pulling.

One advantage of Freewheel is relaxed driving, although you still need to 
use the clutch when the car is stopped at an intersection for example.

The significant disadvantage is that there is no engine braking in 
Freewheel, so changing down when descending a steep gradient has no effect

Hope this helps



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>    Hello my name is Steve and I just purchased a 1951 Rover 75 Cyclops.  I 
> am looking for information on this vehicle, such as the shift pattern, 
> availability of parts, how many were imported into the US, what is the 
> estimated value in US dollars.  I would like to know in the interst of 
> restoration.  The car is 98% complete but needs painted and the interior 
> re-done.  I am missing hood chrome and window chrome.  I would also like 
> to know how the free wheel works?  I am located in cental Pennsylvania.
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