[ROVERNET - UK] Sunbeam?

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Just like Rovers, it all hinges on the model and year. Sunbeam Alpine; the 
earliest are rare, drop-head 2 door cars, bred for European rallying, hence 
the name. Competed in by the Moss siblings. Stirling and Pat, amongst other 
luminaries. Nowadays hard to find parts for and restore, BUT worth the 
Sunbeam Alpine; series 1 thru V mechanically were loosely based on the 
corresponding Hillman/Humber models of the same years, consequently are easy 
to get parts for. Alpines from these iterations are easy to restore and keep 
Sunbeam Tigers based upon series IV Alpine, with significant structural and 
mechanical changes. Worth quite a bit even un-restored, and anything up to 
$30K restored.
Sunbeam Imps, similarly were loosely based upon Hillman Imp mechanicals and 
body styling. Valuable ONLY to a died-in-the-wool Imp enthusiast.
Sunbeam motorcycles....ahhhhhh I WISH
regards, nev
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> Does anyone know of a good source of info and interest in Sunbeams?  I
> learnd of an estate being settled of an elderly bachelor, in his garage
> was a Sunbeam coupe that's been hidden away for decades.  Don't know
> about the condition---covered w/ debris and dust; but it sounds like
> something worth looking into for British-car fans.
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