[ROVERNET - UK] Wire Wheels

David Walter david at davidwalter.net
Tue Jul 18 20:58:44 BST 2006

Good to see an unusual topic, wire wheels were exported to Australia as 
option for the SC & TC.
I purchased a TC with wire wheels, took them off, fitted steel wheels to 
TC which I then sold, then I fitted the wire wheels to my P6B some 10 

First I had them restored, new wires fitted to all five wheels, the hubs
resplined as they had been mangled by not tightening the cap nuts 
new bearing cups then finally powdercoated in the  same grey colour.
The powdercoating was not as successful as I had hoped for as it chips
around where the wires enter the rim.

Next I expect to hear how wire wheels will not last on V8, this is 
not true, I have driven some 10,000 miles with the wire wheels fitted
without any difficulty at all.
I feel that most problems stem from the "sporty effect" of having wire
wheels, that is very hard cornering, hitting curbs and so on, the 3500 
not produce so much more horsepower than a TC that it will destroy wire
wheels on take off.

I dont know if this is true or not, I was told by an auotmotiove 
that the greatest stress on any wheel/rim will come with braking, not
acceleration, as the 2000 and tthe 3500 are about the same weight there 
little risk here.

The most difficult item was the spacer to mount the spare on the Boot 
the Touring Kit, the spacer for wire wheels is much smaller and the 
spacer does not fit the wire wheel hub.
For this I machined  a new spacer from a large piece of alloy I had and
Bingo it works.

All I can say is that I love the wire wheel look, with those large 
hub nuts and so do many others.

Now if anyone should have a new old stock hub nut spanner I would be
interested in it.


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> They were exported to here.
> My TC is a TC SF but the splines died on a rear hub so it now has 
> steel
> wheels.
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> I am glad to hear that someone else likes the wire wheels Rover 
> released
> for
> only 2 years 67 and 68 as an upgrade to the steel wheel option in the 
> UK.
> As far as I know the option was only available in the UK so none where
> exported to the US or Down under. I guess they where not that popular
> I purchased a set last year and hope to refurbish them and install 
> them on
> my 68 TC they are very cool.
> To follow up on the freewheel discussion I can't wait to try one out 
> it I
> guess it is like a roller coaster ride just with consequences.
> Dirk

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