[ROVERNET - UK] Wire Wheels

Jim Cumberland fjcumberland at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 19 03:22:54 BST 2006

Mine are darn heavy, and i'm pretty sure they're chrome.  If they're stainless, they are very highly polished.  I'm also glad they don't have ears . . . .

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Maybe they are SS, I don't own any but it's easy to confuse the two...


Paul Smith wrote:

>I don't think the standard hub nuts are chromed; my memory is a stainless steel.  20 years ago though...
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>I'll jump in if David's not online; His wire wheels aren't chrome 
>plated, he does say they're grey, only the hub nuts are chrome. I agree 
>that wires shouldn't be chromed , but think of all those other makes 
>with chrome wheels!
>Paul Smith wrote:
>>All I can say is that I love the wire wheel look, with those large 
>>hub nuts and so do many others.
>>Er don't chrome wires!
>>Chrome does not pass heat well, so the metal fatigues.  Not good.
>>Classic racing orgs ban chrome wires.
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