[ROVERNET - UK] Andre's moving sale in Connecticut

S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Mon Jul 24 12:32:14 BST 2006

Andre Shay has to move out of a rented workshop by August 10 and would 
like to sell some surplus P6 parts to raise some cash and ease the 
storage space crunch.

Specifically he wants to find homes for:
--two rebuildable 3500S V8 long blocks,
--a 2000TC hood,
--some 2000TC seats in black,
--a 2000TC base unit with right front damage, but rust-free sills and 
other sections

He also has a lot of other 2000 and 3500S parts as well as some very 
good Chevy Nova parts. 

Andre reads Rovernet, but is not that actively using email, so contact 
him in Old Lyme, CT at 860-434-1396 or  cell: 860-395-7374, or if you 
prefer email you can contact me and I'll relay the message.

--Steve Manwell

P.S. Andre finished a complete mechanical restoration of his 3500S in 
June and already has 1200 miles on the car.   He did all the work on the 
P6B as well as some weekend and evening work on other peoples' Rovers 
and other cars at the shop that he's losing.  If you need an automatic 
transmission or cylinder head rebuild or work on other mechanical 
components he might still be able to do some of that as side work at his 
day job.


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