[ROVERNET - UK] 1963 110 Rear Shock Absorbers.

Rod Blair roverp4au at yahoo.com.au
Wed Jul 26 09:39:44 BST 2006

Hello all you suspension experts out there... I need
help with the replacement of the rear shock absorbers
on my 110. The previous owner had put very stiff,
entirely unsuitable gas filled shocks on it with the
result that the ride is not comfortable - quite harsh
as a matter of fact -  and the shockers seem to top
out on slightly rough roads. Everything else has been
checked and found to be ok so that just leaves the
shockers. I have little information to go on and none
of the suspension places around here know much about
early British cars. So, my question is this ... can
anybody suggest a model to use? I'm in Australia but
I'm happy to either find an equivalent set here or, if
need be, purchase a set from overseas.
Regards & thanks in anticipation.
Rod Blair

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