[ROVERNET - UK] KinardRove '06

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Thu Jul 27 20:23:33 BST 2006

Dear Roverneters,

We have returned home safe and sound after a most 
wonderful adventure!  Sheila and I were well hosted and 
entertained by Ian and Alice Potts,
Eric and Linda Russell, and Peter and Sylvia Miller. 
 Slats and Marie Wolf met us at the airport in Portland, 
put up with us (or is it "put us up?") for five nights, 
loaned us a car to drive, and delivered us back to the 
airport, all in grand style.  "Thank you" could never be 
enough, so I'm sending Slats exactly what Marie wants, the 
things he needs to finish his P5 Mk. IIc saloon (a lovely 
car that I hope will be on the road very soon.)

  A special thanks also to Dr. Malcolm and Barbara Tate 
and to all the members of the Rover Car Club of Canada who 
attended the Bar-B-Q and the ABFM in Bellevue.  We paid 
our dues and are official members of the RCCC and look 
forward to a long (if long distance) association.  Thanks 
also to Ruth Burgess for her time and patience in 
increasing my Rover knowledge.  She is a treasure!

Kent K.

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