[ROVERNET - UK] Portland Oregon All British Field Meet

Brian & Lori Nordlund ble.nordlund at verizon.net
Fri Jul 28 06:53:58 BST 2006

The Portland All British Field Meet is coming soon and I hope this reminder
Influence a few folks to come out and join me in the relatively lonely Rover
display area.
The event is at Portland International Raceway, from September 1 through
September 4.
However, Saturday the 2nd is the main day for display of cars, as Sunday is
the swap
meet day.  There is vintage racing all four days.

I would surely love to see you folks from Washington and British Columbia
make it
down this year.  It is always over our Labor Day weekend holiday.  Although
you Canadians
don't have the three day holiday weekend like we do, Saturday is the main
day for display
of cars and Sunday is simply a swap meet.  As a result, many people from
outside the area simply arrive on Saturday mid morning, then leave Saturday
night or Sunday morning to make it home.

Last year I took several pictures, including those of the three Rovers: My
1969 TC,
another local P6 (both his and mine happen to be April Yellow, but mine is
on the right), and of a local SD1.  If you are interested, here are some of
the pictures (there are 5 pages of thumbnails that you can click on for a
larger view, or you can run a slideshow):


If you are interested in attending the event this year, you might check
their web page for details and the entry form.  If you submit your entry
August 15th, you can e-mail them a photo of your car, to be included in the
nicely printed event program:


Brian Nordlund
Beaverton, Oregon

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