[ROVERNET - UK] "Restoring" Rovers, Market Value, et cetera

David Walker concinnity at woosh.co.nz
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Thanks Adrian ,getting straight panel work here is easy ,the problem is
getting all those nice trim pieces,the door bins ,the icealert, the sundym
glass,the (sigh)rostyles etc.I' m looking into freight charges now!
Cheers,yours roverlogistically ,David.

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Much depends on the condition and location.

A roadworthy car in reasonable condition could get somewhere on the northern
side of $US2500-3000 and possibly a good deal more for a car in especially
good shape. Almost all of them at the lower end of the scale will need some
work to make them presentable.

Non-runners can be found for a few hundred dollars if that - some can't be
given away.

The big issue for you would be shipping  - say about anywhere form $US500 up
to get it to the wharf, $US1800 for the ride on the boat to NZ + whatever it
costs to get it unloaded cleared and delivered at your end. A non-runner
could end up costing a good deal more.


>>Hi from NZ again.I have a few queries.How much are P6s(specifically 2000TC
3500S with aircon) going for in North America at the moment?Did the last 3
0n Ebay actually sell?(270001407067 ,27000127602 ,270004319725)Cheers,yours
roveringly David Walker<<

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