[ROVERNET - UK] P6B Rover: Options for roof finish

Peter Mitchell peterm at arach.net.au
Wed Mar 1 04:18:03 GMT 2006

Hello Netters

My Monza Red 1976 P6B was originally delivered with an electric sliding
'Huntsman Roof', with a buckskin vinyl roof.

Since purchasing the car two years ago I've replaced the electric sunroof
with a standard roof, and also had the roof painted in a tan colour
reminiscent of the original vinyl.

I've come to the decision that the appearance is not very original, and I'm
now thinking of having the roof covered with a black or tan vinyl finish.
The black would worry me for practical reasons due to our warm climate.  The
other option would be to repaint the roof in red, the same as the body.

Opinions would be welcomed from members.

Kind regards

Peter Mitchell
Perth Australia

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