[ROVERNET - UK] Zircon Blue vs Corsica Blue

Drew Egginton drew at pitstop.net.au
Wed Mar 1 01:10:42 GMT 2006

Hi Glen

Zircon Blue is easily identified as the P5B (1968-73) colour  - a mid 
blue with a touch of  teal and was also used on late 60s P6s. Corsica 
Blue dates from the same era and is a darker blue used on P6s & P6Bs, 
but quite rare here in Oz.

Andrew Egginton
Perth Australia

Glen Wilson wrote:

>How do Zircon Blue and Corsican Blue compare? Is one basically a simple
>medium blue while the other has a hint of teal or green to it?
>I actually have a paint chip chart somewhere...
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