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But will the complete gearbox with overdrive from a 95 fit the back of a
90 engine? Clearly the engines were similar but also different. Paul says
he has known it done but IF the 95 was NEVER fitted with an overdrive gearbox
as standard then I guess the question is where did the gearbox in this particular
95 originate? I may try and get serial numbers, perhaps that may shed some
light but clearly a conflict of opinion as to wether a 95 EVER had an overdrive
box as standard.

Alan Francis

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>The overdrive will not simply bolt on to the back of a 95 gearbox. The internal
>parts of the gearbox differ according to whether it is for a non-overdive
>or overdirve car (I think it is the mainshaft only, but there may be some
>other differences).
>The 95 was NEVER offered with an overdrive from the factory.
>Remember also that the f=diff ratio is different on the 95 as compared with
>the 110 (and other cars with overdrive).
>Pierre Janusz
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