[ROVERNET - UK] LOL back to digest

Glen Wilson glenwilson at cavtel.net
Thu Mar 2 07:03:54 GMT 2006


Usually, the way new emails are presented to you is determined by your
email software. I don't know what you are using, but the Inbox is
usually presented in several columns including FROM, SUBJECT and DATE.
Every program I have used allows you to sort your mail by clicking on
the column header. For example, got to the top of the SENDER column and
click on SENDER and your messages will sort alphabetically by sender.
Click on the top of the DATE column, and your email will sort itself by
date. It may be most recent at top or most recent at bottom. If it is
sorted by date with most recent at bottom, clicking on DATE will re-sort
it to be most recent on top, and vice versa.

I sort mine by date with most recent at the bottom. My program remembers
this preference, so when I download new messages, that's the way it is
presented to me. It's then easy to quickly take a look at the messages
that come in and even skip over or delete messages with a subject
heading you are not interested in.

If I'm looking for something that a particular person sent in the past,
I highly one of that person's messages and click on the top of the
SENDER column and all of that person's messages will be grouped
together. Then later, I go back and click on the DATE column once or
twice to re-sort the messages by time.

Sometimes, a sender will have the clock on their computer set
incorrectly and the program will either bury the message in 1980 or move
it up front to 2008, but that can't be helped.

Next time, we'll investigate message rules where you can tell your
software to trash every message from ralph at ralph.net so that you never
even see it! I had to resort to this once!  ;-)


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