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Oh well, my email program decided to send that last bit before I was 
F-heads have broad, flat combustion chambers what present problems with 
flame propagation and their exhaust valves are necessarily shrouded by 
the cylinder head.  The Rover IOE has a very compact, almost "perfect" 
hemi combustion chamber with a relatively unshrouded exhaust valve.

Kent K.

iudkuy wcygiohs wrote:

> According to James Taylor's book "Rover P4 The
> Complete Story", the engine was originally designed in
> the mid-thirties as a V6 by Rover's Chief Engine
> Designer.Because of the width of thirties cars'
> bonnets he "angled the cylinder heads so that the
> rockers for the overhead inlet valves would be on top
> of the engine and would not increase its width."
> RR seems to have been working on a similar design for
> their in-line engines at the same time, but their
> concern was an inability to reliably cast heads for
> the small six cylinder cars with predictable
> waterways. Their F-Head engines were much larger than
> Rovers, the smallest being 4257cc and the largest, a
> straight 8 of 5675cc.
> Thanks for giving my library a workout
> Peter B
> Jack Swaine --- JOHN
> <john.at.hulverstone at btinternet.com> wrote:
>>I heard many years ago, that the engine in the P4
>>designed by R.R. but I hadn't heard of any being
>>for R.R. by Rover. That P.4 engine was used in some
>>London black cabs
>>best wishes
>>--- Ray <raywilkins at optusnet.com.au> wrote:
>>>I have just bought the February edition of the UK
>>>mag 'Classics'. Yes, I
>>>know we get it about 2 months late seeing as
>>>we are on the other side
>>>of the world and it has to come out by Tea Clipper
>>>etc etc. 
>>>One of the articles concerned a Rolls Royce Merlin
>>>V12 (from a WWII
>>>Hurricane fighter) put into RR Phantom based
>>>and handmade bodywork.
>>>Very interesting. It made mention that the engine
>>>was a genuine Rolls Royce
>>>and not a Rover built version. Can anyone expand
>>>this? Did Rover make
>>>these engines in wartime? And were they only used
>>>fighter planes? I've
>>>not researched this topic extensively but I do
>>>of a Rod Hadfield from
>>>Castlemaine here in Oz who put a supercharged
>>>V12 in a custom built
>>>'55 Chevvy which was supposedly the most powerful
>>>road registered car in the
>>>world! The website is
>>>It would be interesting to hear of Rover's
>>>involvement with these engines.
>>>Ray Wilkins
>>>Melbourne, Australia
>>>1976 P6B
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