[ROVERNET - UK] 4.6 in the P6

Ted Holman ted_holman at vintagesuzuki.com
Sun Mar 12 05:25:50 GMT 2006

I was staring at one of the P6 3500 hulks and wondering if anyone has 
installed a built 4.6 or larger V8 with FI. A late model five speed would be 
great, but what transmission has a gear shift located far enough back to 
line up with the stock location, say of a 2000, that someone is building a 
bell housing or adapter plate? Along the same line, how much strain can the 
stock differential take before splitting the cases? The automatic would make 
it an easier task, including protecting the rest of the drivetrain, but 
there is sometime about a tuned V8 and five speed that seems, well, more 

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