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Mon Mar 13 02:46:09 GMT 2006

--- peter king <peter at king-co.com> wrote:

> I saw this on line today, in case anyone in N.A. is
> looking for a  
> MK III sedan....

I agree. That's a lot of money.
However, I paid $2500.00 for a new paint job on my
1969 2000 TC (I did all the masking, there were no
trim parts attached, and I did all the reassembly.).

A club friend paid $5000.00 for a new (leather where
appropriate) interior on his immaculate P4.

I guess the asking price for that P5 is closer to the
replacement cost than the buyers' preference of a few
thousand dollars.

I have "agreed value" insurance on my P6 for
$15,000.00    That's what I figured it would cost to
replace the car in a total loss.  I *know* the
painting price is much higher than 5 years ago.  I
would still have to do much of the preparation work. 
I'd have to search for the best parts I could find and
the *inventory* is dwindling.


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