[ROVERNET - UK] 4.6 in the P6

Mike Shaddick mikshdik at ozemail.com.au
Mon Mar 13 23:28:30 GMT 2006

>G'day Ted,
>                  The P76 was a Leyland Car built in Australia and 
>released onto the market at a time of tremendous rises in the price 
>of fuel. A few websites refer to the P76 as a Rover P7.  The V8 
>motor often known as the Terrier V8 was quite a versatile beast and 
>was used in a number of applications including school buses in South 
>Australia. The sedan was an unusual looking design, though not 
>wholly unpleasing. The Targa Florio was a rare model and quite 
>highly prized. They had a coupe version known as the Force Seven 
>which was a really wild looking car....there was (used to be??) an 
>example in the Birdwood Mill Motor Museum (in South Australia).
  The P76 was known colloquially as the P38 for obvious reasons.


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