[ROVERNET - UK] TC2000, 3500s for sale in Texas

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Tue Mar 14 16:55:40 GMT 2006

Agreed.. If my car (Nada 3500s ) had been available with a standard box it 
certainly would have been in it...but alas it was not so I am driving what 
all others got...an auto trans that I want to convert to an overdrive.


 Dennis Brooks
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>I thought the misconception that all 3500S models had manual transmission 
>would by now have been dispelled on the Rovernet. The V8 version of the P6 
>was introduced to North America as the 3500S, and all of these had 
>automatic transmissions. After exports to N. America ceased the 3500S 
>manual was introduced in late 1971 to the rest of the world.
> Pierre Janusz
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