[ROVERNET - UK] TC2000, 3500s for sale in Texas

Glen WIlson glenwilson at cavtel.net
Tue Mar 14 23:33:44 GMT 2006

On Wed, 2006-03-15 at 09:32 +1100, Ray wrote:
> Point taken Eric. I realise there is a huge disparity of knowledge in the
> members of Rovernet and I accept I am the least knowledgeable end of the
> scale. I am in awe of the extensive technical knowledge of some members and
> I am happy to learn from them. I'll try not to be so sensitive next time.
> Ray


Pierre actually stopped by at my home in PA once. A nicer gentleman
you'd never meet. As you might expect, certain subjects are revisited
repeatedly over the course of time, and some of us have been reading
this list for over ten years, so it seems like it's been covered before.
Actually, Pierre is a rather decrepit old guy who must be pushing 103,
and five years ago seems like only yesterday to him. So, cut him a
little slack.

But he DID put you in your place, didn't he!  ;-)


Decrepit \De*crep"it\, a. [L. decrepitus, perhaps orig., noised
   out, noiseless, applied to old people, who creep about
   quietly; de- + crepare to make a noise, rattle: cf. F.
   d['e]cr['e]pit. See {Crepitate}.]
   Broken down with age; wasted and enfeebled by the infirmities
   of old age; feeble; worn out. "Beggary or decrepit age."
   [1913 Webster]

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