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There must have  been something in the 1968 law regarding headlamps,
though. I think this  affected cars like the Jaguar XKE and the little
Fiat 850 Spider, among other  cars. It may have been a minimum height
requirement, but it also got rid of  the clear plastic fairings that the
XKE had (as well as the early Ferrari  Daytona and the Citroens,
including the SM). It's my impression that  sealed-beam headlamps were
required prior to 1968, but they certainly were  required after that,
which accounts for many sleek European having big  bulging eyes in the
U.S. export versions (including the SD1).

I don't  think the Federal regulations concerning bumper height came into
effect until  the 1975 model year when the rubber-bumpered MGs graced our
shores. I think  1974-1/2 MGs might also have had them.

These are my foggy recollections,  anyway...

In the mid 60's when I wanted to register my 1953  Jaguar XK120 in 
Connecticut (US), I had to get a special variance to keep the  non sealed beam "tripod" 
Lucas headlamps which were "original  equipment"

Dick West  

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