[ROVERNET - UK] TC2000, 3500s for sale in Texas

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Wed Mar 15 10:28:54 GMT 2006

I have now woken up and am amazed at the trail which my (well intentioned)message has caused. Obviously I will need to take a refresher course in politeness in e-mails.

I posted my message because I was surprised, given the North American origins and general domination of the Rovernet, that regular users might be unaware that the 3500S designation was used for the V8 cars exported to North America at a time when the manual transmission version had not been introduced. These cars are so regularly mentioned that I just assumed that pretty much everyone on the Rovernet knew this as it's not one of the most obscure facts about the cars. I am well used to the beliefs amongst those of my fellow countrymen who don't have the advantage of knowing about Rovers in an international context that "S" means manual transmission, but with the international exchange on the Rovernet I thought people learnt very quickly that there had been the "oddity",  from the perspective of the rest of the world, of the 3500S auto in North America.

Anyway, apologies to anyone who found my mode of expression anything less than courteous. Oh, and by the way Glen, I was diappointed not to receive a card for my 100th Birthday :).

Pierre Janusz

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