[ROVERNET - UK] Oft Repeated Questions

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Wed Mar 15 15:00:25 GMT 2006

I did fit a Buick 215 to an Opel Manta some years back.  I built a 
subframe to replace the front of the unibody and bolted the original 
front suspension and crossmember to that. Cut a big hole in the firwall 
and fabricated a new firewall/trans tunnel. Used a T-50 five speed from 
a Buick Skyhawk.  I still have the trans, but sadly, not the 
bellhousing.  I have done seveal TR7 to V8 swaps (fun and cost 
effective) and assisted in several MGB conversions (now there's a lot of 
work for little reward.)  There is an Innocenti Spyder in a barn south 
of town which I think would be an excellent candidate for a swap and I 
still have the remains of my daughter's Nissan 240SX, which looks to be 
an easy swap as well.

Kent K.

steve bridge wrote:

> I have, myself, put worms in a can, but I've never had to open one. 
> Where does one get a fresh can of worms?   I guess I  have opened a foil 
> of worms.  Kent, how about a chapter on  Installing the Rover v-eight in 
> any car except the Rover?  my first choice would be the amphicar (with 
> hydro foil).
> Roverunderwaterly,  Steve
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