[ROVERNET - UK] Oft Repeated Questions

Steven Dibdin sdibdin at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 15 21:52:55 GMT 2006

Interesting. that must have taken some careful tuning.

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>Steven Dibdin wrote:
>>The Stag V8 is an interesting thing. It was underdeveloped at release, but 
>>later models were pretty good and the 'new millennium' cylinder heads 
>>helped address a lot of the remaining issues.
>I agree.  Later models had much improved cooling.  You do need to change 
>the timing chain every 30,000 miles...
>I am stumped by picture of a Stag engine I saw on the old MGB V8 website. 
>It was fitted with Rover fuel injection or at least the Rover throttle body 
>and plenum cover.  Very strange.
>Kent K.
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