[ROVERNET - UK] Automotive literature stolen.

Drew Egginton drew at pitstop.net.au
Thu Mar 16 04:23:51 GMT 2006

That's terrible...

I've been collecting literature myself semi-seriously since I was a wee 
lad and I'm now 35. I got a few things about ten years ago from the US, 
including a 2000 brochure extolling the virtues of its safety, a couple 
of  3 Litre items that were (bizarrely) shaped and decorated like Easter 
eggs, a couple of brochures for the (much Rovernet discussed) NADA 3500S 
showing the boot (okay... trunk) full of melons and the SD1 with round 
headlights and the (unusual for the rest of us) three spoke steering wheel.

Does anyone know the name of the guy whose literature was stolen? I may 
know of him or be able to let a  few other enthusiasts here know about 
it as I used to run the Motor Museum of WA, from 1995 to 1998 and the 
local scene is quite incestuous (sp?) as we are probably the most 
isolated city in the world!

I'd like to be able to help!


Andrew Egginton
Perth WA
WAROC Vehicle Registrar
1964 3 Litre Coupé
1970 2000 TC

Peter Huttemeier wrote:

>On Wed, 15 Mar 2006 03:15:05 -0500, Glen wrote:
>>Finally, Australia has a rich and interesting automotive heritage of
>>models imported as well as models designed and manufactured there, to
>>say nothing of the great racers and race cars it has produced. Since you
>>are an independent lot, Australia has produced a lot of automotive
>>literature that never made it over to the USA 
>On that subject............ We (RCCA) were recently contacted by a
>gentleman in Perth WA who has been an avid collector of automotive
>literature and memorabilia for 40 years. Unfortunately he recently had
>over 3,000 pieces, including lots of Rover stuff,  stolen.
>If anyone sees an unusually large amount of this on Ebay or anywhere
>else for that matter, could they please get in touch with me.
>Peter H
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