[ROVERNET - UK] Oft Repeated Questions

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Sat Mar 18 12:17:23 GMT 2006

Hi Kent, my owner's handbook here in Oz uses SE2

South Oz

Kent Kinard wrote:
> Oh, I've gone and done it now.  Is it supposed to be SE II or SE2?
> Kent Kinard wrote:
>> Hi Netters,
>> Now that we have the 3500S business resolved (At least until the 
>> question comes up again), I can announce plans for my new book entitled
>> "Rovernet: The Unofficial Guide to Often Asked Questions." It would, 
>> of course, begin with the great 3500S confusion, but should include 
>> the whole NAS/NADA controversy.  It would shed light on such subjects 
>> as the  unique NAS 3500S dual braking systems (both P6 and P6B 
>> versions) and how to fit square headlamps to an NAS SD1 and where to 
>> send your unwanted surplus round lamps (Rene Winters).  Extensive 
>> space will be devoted to my favorite subjects, "What other automatic 
>> transmission can I Use?" and "How Can I put a V8 in my Four Cylinder 
>> P6?"  It would also include such seldom repeated but essential topics 
>> as "Why do the Aussies call an SEII an SEII when no one else in the 
>> world does?"  I would entertain suggestions for other chapters, but I 
>> fear I would also be opening multiple cans of worms (which is itself 
>> an obscure and probably North American colloquialism.)
>> Rovereverlovingly,
>> Kent K.

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