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I've shipped a lot of stuff overseas and it's 
pretty simple. The post office has the forms on 
hand - they automatically give you one when you 
do a GlobalExpress mailing. Not much to fill out 
- just what it is and the value. I always check 
the box that says it's a gift and list it as 
"used" so the guy on the other end doesn't get 
stuck with high customs duties.

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>I was going to list some items on eBay and had an international shipping
>question. For USPS Global Express Mail shipments, most countries specify
>that they require a certain customs form and that it must be in a
>special envelope. I don't remember having to do this in the past, and
>especially not for shipping something from the USA to Canada.
>Have things changed that much?
>I'd like to offer to ship internationally, but I'm not sure I want to be
>filling out customs forms and procuring special envelopes for them to go
>I generally use USPS Priority Mail in the USA because it is easy, quick,
>and is generally only marginally more expensive than standard post, but
>that's only good for domestic addresses.
>I'd appreciate suggestions from people who have shipped small packages
>out of the USA recently or know what the story is on the other end.
>Some additional info below.
>Customs Forms Required (123)
>Letter-post: PS Form 2976 or 2976-A (see 123.61)
>Parcel Post: PS Form 2976-A inside 2976-E (envelope)
>Global Express Mail® Shipments
>The customs form requirement for EMS
>shipments varies by country. Use PS
>Form 2976 Customs Form or PS Form
>2976-A Customs Declaration and
>Dispatch Note as specified by the
>country. Consult your local Post
>Office for additional details.
>Consult your local Post Office or
>the online International Mail Manual
>for additional information about
>customs requirements in your
>destination country.
>A customs form is not required on the following categories of mail:
>Global Express Mail (EMS) shipments
>(to certain destination countries)
>that weigh less than 16 ounces and
>that contain documents, business
>papers, or commercial papers.
>   Parcel Post
>Regardless of value or contents,
>every parcel post package - whether
>airmail or economy (surface) - must
>bear a completed PS Form 2976-A
>Customs Declaration and Dispatch
>Note that is inserted into Envelope
>for PS Form 2976-E.
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